10 Social Media Tips For Businesses, Try Now!

Social Media Tips For Businesses

Almost everyone who knows the internet must have an account on social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc., or at least they must have an account on one of these social networks.

Initially, social media was created for online social activities, and it turns out that social media is now very effective as a means of promoting businesses. If you currently own a business and are not being promoted online, you are already far behind the competition using social media.

Social media activities can provide many benefits for a local business, including improving the brand and boosting the SEO of the business website. I’m not saying that having a social media account automatically increases sales for your business, but having your business online will definitely make it known to many people.

And, of course, people in your network will contact you if they have a need for any products or services offered by your business. It seems they already have an indirect connection to you.

The activity of a company on social networks is not only a matter of promotion but much more than that. We can be someone who is only focused on money and short term income or focused on profit in long term relationships with people who are connected in social networks, it is the decisions of others. However, if we are talking about business, of course we want the long term.

Here are 10 social media tips for businesses:

Tips about Social Media

First of all, surely your business must have a popular social network account today, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, etc.

  • Make sure your customers can check in while they are in your establishment. This facility has been provided by Facebook and is suitable for businesses such as cafes, bars or restaurants.

Of course, you should take advantage of this feature on your business Facebook page to make your business more and more known to many people.

  • Also register your business on Foursquare (https://d.foursquare.com/) as this website can help you access the names of people who have “registered” with your business. This way, you can uncover some of your customer habits and help you become a regular customer of your business.
  • Prepare your business with the latest feature, Facebook Graph Search, where people can find all the local businesses they love. This feature may not be used by all Facebook accounts yet, limited to certain accounts, but sooner or later your business will definitely be able to use it.
  • Be active in social activities on Twitter. Regularly post your business activities on Twitter, for example; the customers who come to your business, the events you organize, product promotions and more.

Flat Land Post also promote by offering incentives or discount coupons to subscribers who wish to tweet or post on Facebook about our business. This way your friends or followers will know about your business as well.

  1. Create your account on LinkedIn.com. Your LinkedIn profile will greatly affect your business as search engines like Google.com rank LinkedIn profiles higher than other social networks, including Facebook.

Make sure you have a LinkedIn account and stay up to date on social media, don’t forget to connect with other companies similar to your industry.

  1. YouTube is one of the most recommended social networks for improving brands on the Internet. We can also say that Google’s site is the second largest search engine after Google. Make a video about your business as creative as possible for many people to enjoy, then upload the video to #YouTube.

In addition, you can also offer incentives to your customers if they are willing to make videos about their experiences in your business and upload them to your YouTube channel.

  1. Register your business on Yelp.com. This site combines business reviews with great social media features. People in the United States typically visit this site when they are looking for information or other people’s comments on a store, restaurant, dentist, and other businesses. You need to follow the conversations on Yelp about your business and make sure future visitors like what they read.
  2. Organize the agenda for your meetings, workshops and other informal gatherings that are always related to your business. Then you promote your activities on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and other platforms. People will be happy to attend your activities if they feel they can get information, value, access, discounts, or networking.
  3. Pictures are very important because they can represent several words. Be sure to post photos of your business-related activities on Twitter, Facebook, and your blog. Remember to take all the photos related to your brand and upload them to your website.

Here is a Tip: Role of Social Media for Blog Promotion?

It is a good idea to also take photos of your customers or staff and post them to Instagram and Facebook, then tag (tag) people in the photos, so that they also want to share photos of your business with their friends.

  1. Post articles about your business activities on the blog. Post not only about your business, but more about your experience, events you are hosting, news and information related to the topic of your business.

Focus on informative content and optimize post titles and tags with every post you publish – this is important for SEO. Remember to provide outbound and inbound links from your blog to drive increased traffic flow, both directly and indirectly to your business website.