11 Techniques to Promote Blog Content to Get Visitor Explosions

Promote of Blog Content

Creating content is one of the most important parts of online marketing. Even I personally spend 2-3 days to complete 1 item. But there is something even more important:

Promotion of Content

Content Promotion for Conversions

In order for new content or new blogs to get visitors, you need to spend 4 times as much as content creation. This was revealed by Derek Halpern of Social Triggers. This means that if I make 1 item in 2 days, the rest of the week is for promotion.

Why so much?

Because when you hit the “publish” button, millions of other articles are also published on the same day. Your article is just a fish in a big ocean. If so, how can a new, unfamiliar blog grab the attention of many people?


Warning: big mistake in promoting content

Promotion in the online world is all about negativity. If you are an internet lover like me, surely understand what this means. Internet users do not like promotion and advertising.

Having known these three things, let’s start now with the first step.

1. Prepare the “feed” before publishing the content

In fact, not all types of content will be popular. Although he was promoted correctly.

Therefore, the mindset of  ”promoting content” must have persisted before the content was published … even before it was created.

2. For this, consider 2 things: Selection of themes and content

The subject of your content must be urgent. Topics that make others feel compelled to read right away. Even better topics that may make you think “my friends should read this too!”.

Regarding the content, you must:

  • Credible: data / facts from reliable sources
  • Convenient: the reader can do it directly
  • Emotional: causes positive / negative emotions

I still apply these three things on this Blog.

If you have read any content on this blog (including what you read) you will notice that I often use data such as charts or percentages. The goal is to make it look believable.

Controversial content

So in the end when I promote this content … visitors will increase dramatically right away.

Visitors have increased dramatically. Create a mailing list and send it out whenever you have new content. By building a mailing list, your content promotion efforts are much easier.


You get 1000 visitors from various places. Without a mailing list, that means 1000 people will leave. So, the next time you promote a piece of content, it means you have to search for it again.

But if you create a mailing list it looks like this:

1000 people arrived, some of whom registered.

Then the next time you post content, a part of your subscriber will notice it immediately. This means that this time attracting visitors is easier.

If several times every day. So by building your own mailing list, you already have a source of traffic that is always ready to receive your new content. It’s better no?

3. Get followers and post content on social media

There is a deadly misconception regarding the use of social media.

I’m sure if you’ve read any blog promotion posts you’ve read the ones that recommend posting to social media whenever there’s new content.

This is wrong … wrong.

Here is what I mean: As newbies we usually only have between 100 and 1000 followers on Twitter / Facebook.

What happens when we post there?

At most, only 1-2 people re-tweet / like … right? After that? Fact. Nothing has happened yet. This means that you are posting on social media for nothing. The principle is the same as in the previous list, but the means are different. Previously with email, now with social media.

To do this, install a button / link / widget to facilitate visitors to your social account. I like this:

Facebook page widget

There are two things to watch out for when using social media:

  • First of all, never buy followers / likes
  • Second, don’t just share links from your own website.
  • Follow these tips when posting to social media:

Don’t use the post title as the content of your tweet or status. Briefly explain the content of the content, but in an interesting way.

Use 3 different contexts if you are planning 3 updates.

The principle of the 2: 1: 1 ratio, 2 times sharing other people’s content, 1 time sharing your own content, 1 time updating without a link. Using images has been shown to increase the number of clicks on social media.

4. Mention other bloggers in the content, then tell them

Their name is human … I would love to hear something positive about them from other people. Human nature in this we can use.

For example like this:

I did an article on the topic “lose weight”, in this article I recommend to other bloggers in the form of links as a good addition to reading. After that, I notify the blogger via email. So there’s a good chance they’ll recommend your item again.

Blog Success Tips

So far, the element has received more than 1,400 shares.

After posting this article, I reached out to the people mentioned in it … then asked them to share.

Here is the answer:

Outreach email response

Under normal conditions, if you immediately ask them for help sharing, they will likely decline. But in this case, because we first mentioned them in the article, most were ready to help. Therefore, always try to link to another blogger in your content.

5. Join a clean Facebook group

Cleaning Facebook Groups

Due to the large number of Indonesians active in Facebook groups, this community can become one of the best places for promotion.

Before you join, remember these 2 things.

  • First of all, don’t promote to groups that have nothing to do with the topic and content of your blog. If your content is about diets, join a diet group.

If your content is about business, join a business group (Don’t believe, many also promote in an offline group).

  • Second, do not promote groups whose content consists primarily of websites with spam links. Your message will not be seen in the News of your members.

Social Media Benefits for Business?

Make sure the group you select actively contains comments and likes.

Here are some other promotional tips on Facebook to avoid getting kicked out of the group:

  1. Promotion ratio 4: 1, 4 times helping others, 1 time promotion.
  2. Promote links that really help group members solve problems.
  • Follow the rules of the group. If you can’t post the link, don’t.
  1. You don’t need to create a new message for the promotion. Also post comments.
  2. Don’t just sign up for a promotion. The main thing to do here is to help others politely answer questions.
  3. Don’t let your website be viewed as spam by the Facebook system.

If that was the case, almost any post that contained your website link would never be seen by others.

6. Join the forum site

Although the number of forums is not large and the content is mostly spam, promoting the forum can also attract traffic. Blogging techniques on forums are similar to those of FB and G +.

Your main task after joining the community is not to directly post links that contain … So don’t immediately comment on it containing links, let alone create a new discussion thread.

Instead, do this: Answer questions asked by others. Same method applies on this discuss Forum: FlatYourPost.Com

The forum is a place for people who want to discuss and ask questions. It is not uncommon to find people asking questions on certain topics. If your content can respond, please let me know.

7. Edit the shape, then post to multiple places

If you have content in the form of articles, you can create videos, PDFs, or infographics with the exact same content.

1 to 4 at a time.

Likewise, if you have video content, it can also be used as an article.

Don’t stop there.

We will be using websites that already have many readers. Then we send the other form content there.

On these sites there are already many people who are ready to eat their content. So if there is a link to your website in the content posted on these websites, you will get a lot of traffic.

Delicious again:

Content on sites like YouTube, Slide Share etc. it will be easier to get Google rankings than a new website.

So your content will also receive traffic from search engines.

8. Monitor relevant conversations and new content

For example, it has content on “learning English”. It turns out that on a community site, there are people who ask themselves questions, how to learn effective English?

It’s an opportunity to promote content. There are already people who need to read, just come and give the link. But the point is, the internet is huge. So how do you know if there are people talking about certain topics?

There are several tools we can use to monitor.

  • Google Alerts
  • Fresh web explorer
  • Mentions

This time I will explain the Google Alerts to you. It’s not difficult, just change the settings to look like the following image:

Google alert settings

Additionally, whenever you have content / discussion on the topic, you will be notified via email.

In fact, the Most Complete Mention because it is also included on Facebook and Twitter. But the free version can only receive 250 notifications per month. Alternatively (for Twitter monitors) you can use Warble.

9. Write smart and useful comments on other blogs

I am a strict person when editing blog comments. On this blog alone, less than 10% of the inbound comments I post. Not including automatically filtered Akismet spam filters.

Blog comments are helpful:

10. Guest blogs on popular blogs

Guest Blogging

Whenever someone asks how to get traffic, I always say this: This way blog readers will get to know you immediately and go straight to their own website.

Enter a busy place. Naturally correct. For a new blog that stays silent, even if you post 100 articles a day, without going out, it will still remain silent.

Therefore, community sites are one of the most effective solutions. Not just a community site,

There is still a more effective way to attract visitors directly.

There is another bonus, Thanks to guest blogging, because we also get backlinks, the search engine rankings will also increase dramatically.


For those who have a new blog, create guest blogs on popular sites. The results will not disappoint if done correctly.

Some tips for guest blogging:

  • Blog guests only on websites whose owners are still active
  • Make sure blog readers are actively commenting that it’s not just about thanking (like in the example above)
  • Don’t blog if the website is primarily a guest blog
  • The theme of the blog should be the same as yours.
  • Learn more in this article on link building.

11. Encourage readers to promote

Content will never be popular if you’re the one promoting it. The reader must also be active. In fact, their main challenge is not “how to promote”, but “how to get readers to want to promote”.

Here are the tips:

  • Use 6 items to activate popularity
  • Use interesting images
  • Write a long article (> 2500 words)
  • Provide a share button
  • Ask them to share
  • Let’s discuss further.

There is a strong correlation between article length and number of actions. According to Buzz Sumo’s research of 1 million articles, the longer the article, the higher the average percentage:

Actions by content length

So the next time you write an article, don’t settle for the short film. Try to keep the article long. In addition, you should also consider the location of the share button. It sounds trivial but in fact very influential.

There are 3 effective places to share buttons:

  • At the beginning of the content
  • At the end of the content
  • Next to content (appears when scrolling)
  • The share button that goes down as you scroll usually provides the most clicks.

10 Social Media Tips For Businesses, Try Now!

Social Media Tips For Businesses

Almost everyone who knows the internet must have an account on social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc., or at least they must have an account on one of these social networks.

Initially, social media was created for online social activities, and it turns out that social media is now very effective as a means of promoting businesses. If you currently own a business and are not being promoted online, you are already far behind the competition using social media.

Social media activities can provide many benefits for a local business, including improving the brand and boosting the SEO of the business website. I’m not saying that having a social media account automatically increases sales for your business, but having your business online will definitely make it known to many people.

And, of course, people in your network will contact you if they have a need for any products or services offered by your business. It seems they already have an indirect connection to you.

The activity of a company on social networks is not only a matter of promotion but much more than that. We can be someone who is only focused on money and short term income or focused on profit in long term relationships with people who are connected in social networks, it is the decisions of others. However, if we are talking about business, of course we want the long term.

Here are 10 social media tips for businesses:

Tips about Social Media

First of all, surely your business must have a popular social network account today, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, etc.

  • Make sure your customers can check in while they are in your establishment. This facility has been provided by Facebook and is suitable for businesses such as cafes, bars or restaurants.

Of course, you should take advantage of this feature on your business Facebook page to make your business more and more known to many people.

  • Also register your business on Foursquare (https://d.foursquare.com/) as this website can help you access the names of people who have “registered” with your business. This way, you can uncover some of your customer habits and help you become a regular customer of your business.
  • Prepare your business with the latest feature, Facebook Graph Search, where people can find all the local businesses they love. This feature may not be used by all Facebook accounts yet, limited to certain accounts, but sooner or later your business will definitely be able to use it.
  • Be active in social activities on Twitter. Regularly post your business activities on Twitter, for example; the customers who come to your business, the events you organize, product promotions and more.

Flat Land Post also promote by offering incentives or discount coupons to subscribers who wish to tweet or post on Facebook about our business. This way your friends or followers will know about your business as well.

  1. Create your account on LinkedIn.com. Your LinkedIn profile will greatly affect your business as search engines like Google.com rank LinkedIn profiles higher than other social networks, including Facebook.

Make sure you have a LinkedIn account and stay up to date on social media, don’t forget to connect with other companies similar to your industry.

  1. YouTube is one of the most recommended social networks for improving brands on the Internet. We can also say that Google’s site is the second largest search engine after Google. Make a video about your business as creative as possible for many people to enjoy, then upload the video to #YouTube.

In addition, you can also offer incentives to your customers if they are willing to make videos about their experiences in your business and upload them to your YouTube channel.

  1. Register your business on Yelp.com. This site combines business reviews with great social media features. People in the United States typically visit this site when they are looking for information or other people’s comments on a store, restaurant, dentist, and other businesses. You need to follow the conversations on Yelp about your business and make sure future visitors like what they read.
  2. Organize the agenda for your meetings, workshops and other informal gatherings that are always related to your business. Then you promote your activities on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and other platforms. People will be happy to attend your activities if they feel they can get information, value, access, discounts, or networking.
  3. Pictures are very important because they can represent several words. Be sure to post photos of your business-related activities on Twitter, Facebook, and your blog. Remember to take all the photos related to your brand and upload them to your website.

Here is a Tip: Role of Social Media for Blog Promotion?

It is a good idea to also take photos of your customers or staff and post them to Instagram and Facebook, then tag (tag) people in the photos, so that they also want to share photos of your business with their friends.

  1. Post articles about your business activities on the blog. Post not only about your business, but more about your experience, events you are hosting, news and information related to the topic of your business.

Focus on informative content and optimize post titles and tags with every post you publish – this is important for SEO. Remember to provide outbound and inbound links from your blog to drive increased traffic flow, both directly and indirectly to your business website.

The Role of Social Media Sites for a Blog

Role Of Social MediaIn my opinion, blogging is a great fun activity because we can write a lot of things in ideas, opinions, comments, reviews etc. in our own way. Through blogging, we can easily express a view of others and reach more people because others can read our writing online. The language used in blogging is generally more relaxed and direct, but in fact there are a number of blogs that write their content in a standard language.

Bloggers usually always find other blogger friends and are online. In fact, it’s not uncommon for bloggers to meet online to make friends in the real world. Blogging is almost the same as being active on social media. Social networking sites are widely used for creating online social networks, adding new friends, connecting with old friends and others.

Aside from being able to help you connect with your family and friends online, social media is also very useful in a variety of businesses that market online. Additionally, social media is also very good at introducing or promoting content on your blog that your friends can read on social media sites.

What the roles of social networking sites are for your blog/Business?

What the roles of social networking sites are for your blog

1. Make your blog known

As a new blogger, you definitely need ways to present the blog you are managing to the public so that the blog gets hits. There are many ways and resources to market your new blog to others. One of the most effective ways is to use social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and others.

The average internet user certainly has a social media account, and inviting their social media friends to visit your blog is a good first step in getting traffic from these social media sites. Some of your friends are likely to refer your blog content to other friends, and so on. This is what all bloggers expect, so that many people will read your content.

2. Promote content on the blog

Maybe your blog has started to be known to others, but that is not the case with the content it contains. We need to promote every content on the blog so that many people read it … unless you don’t want others to read your content.

We can do this manually, post on social media, or it may be using tools that help post blog content on social media, for example; Twitterfeed.com, which automatically posts links to your blog’s content on social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

This method may not always be successful, but by making efforts like this, the chances of success in getting social media traffic will be even greater.

3. Direct readers to your blog

As with the previous point, social networks are very effective in attracting traffic to blogs. Of course, we really hope to get some free traffic from the Google search engine. But that’s not always what we’d expect because to get Google search engine traffic your blog needs to have good SEO and be on the first page of Google search results.

When your website or blog is not on Google’s main search page, social media will be useful in attracting visitors to your blog. Installing a website or blog link on a social media account will allow visitors to get to know your blog better.

4. Increase the ranking of blog in the search engines

Social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ can provide quality links to your site. Links from social networking sites will go a long way in boosting your blog page’s SEO, and they will definitely help improve your blog’s ranking on search engines.

A good search engine ranking will surely allow your blog to get more search engine traffic, especially from Google.

5. Reach out to existing fans

If your blog currently has a social media account, of course, the social media account already has followers and also fans. Social networking sites can help you reach your fans and followers and invite them to review your blog. With social networking sites, you can also connect with lots of people who might become fans or followers of the blogs you manage. That way, the social media community directly connected to your blog will grow, and of course, there will be potential traffic to your blog.

We cannot deny that social networking sites or social media have become an important part of our lives. This is because social networking sites have put us in touch with important people in our lives, bringing new experiences, new information, and many other events into our lives. So, if you want to become a successful and popular blogger, don’t ignore social media sites, use them well. Thanks for reading my article 🙂